Consequence – I’m V.I.P. (ft. Diggy Simmons, Mac Miller)

January 12th, 2011

DOWNLOAD MP3 Consequence-ImVIPftDiggySimmonsMacMiller.mp3
About Artist: Consequence never got off the ground was part of Kanye’s original GOOD Music crew. He has a few gems including the good the bad and the ugly but never got famous, yet. Diggy Simmons is the kid son of DJ Run from RUN D.M.C. Mac Miller is another young rapper, now 18, who is out of Pittsburgh. If this combo seems strange to you it is. I still can’t figure out how these three got together. They each have very different audience and are all still fairly stuck in their own obscurity. I probably like Diggy Simmons the least amount since I’ve been a Consequence for a long time now (met him in 2005) and acknowledge that Mac Miller has crazy rhymes, he’s a lot like Asher Roth.
About Song: This song obviously samples B.I.G.’s Big Poppa. Also have to give credit to Statik Selekta, who I just discovered and I LOVE, for doing the scratching on this track. I probably like this track most for the sample and beat, just is so laid back and hard at the same time like classic Biggie.
Favorite Part: Diggy Simmons actually takes it on this one. He’s got the second verse starting at 1:30.
Favorite Line:”…as long as we gel. Now you lames joing the army like don’t ask don’t tell”
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