Ced Hughes – Good Ish

August 8th, 2009


Ced Hughes – Good Ish (right click and “save link as”)

About Artist:I know nothing about Ced Hughes
About Song:
This song has a some real nice instruments and rap is just real fun. This song came out on the Smash the System mixtape from Jan 2009 which is a compilation of tracks made by the Kickdrums. The production on the track is done then by the Kickdrums of whom I’m a HUGE fan. Check their bio out at the link below or download “Smash the System” .
Favorite Verse:
1st Verse (0:29) But the part I really like is the chorus
Favorite Line:Nothing really stands out.
Other: The rap is Ced Hughes but the track is all KICKDRUMS!
Ced Hughes Myspace
Kickdrums last.fm Bio