Big Sean – Bullshittin

April 22nd, 2010

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Summary: The Fuck You Doin?
About Artist: Is a new school rapper from Detroit. After rapping for Kanye West in front of a radio station in 2005 Kanye took him under his wing and signed him to GOOD Music in 2007. Big sean has several mixtures in his Finally Famous series but doesn’t have nearly the same amount of material out as some of his peers such as Wiz Khalifa. Big Sean was chose chosen to be on XXL’s top 10 Freshman list in 2010 and apparently has some album with monster features from the titans of the game lined up to be released when the time comes, when that time is is still unknown. Big Sean has a fun lyrical style, has similar a similar fashion sense to Kanye and, while not being me favorite, is a great live performer from what I could tell by seeing him several weeks ago in Providence.
About Song: This song is not on any of Big Sean’s mixtapes but is just a track that e released on its own a couple weeks ago. I saw him perform this song live before it came out in Providence and thought it was pretty good, so here it is.
Favorite Line “I glisten shine with Mrs. Fine, model chick big behind, bad enough to skip the line but to me she’s just a 9. I hop out that double 0, you can call me Mr. Bond, Bitch I am a monster, I belong in district 9…” (0:07-0:20)
“Just a million people behind me, and I don’t have version” (0:42-0:45)
The Conehead line at 1:05-1:13 (and the girl’s response)
Lying with your girlfriend (2:00-2:05)
Other LISTEN TO THE LYRICS (also listen at 0:24 and throughout the song to the lady singing in the background)
Big Sean Wikipedia,