B.o.B – The Kids (ft. Janelle Monae)

April 27th, 2010

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Summary: “Pop-Radio Rap”. B.o.B presents the Adventures of Bobby Ray is out TODAY April 27th 2010. DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM ON ITUNES
About Artist: B.o.B (aka Bobby Ray) is an Atlanta singer/rapper/songwriter/producer/instrumentalist who is one of my current favorites. If you would like to know more about him read the artist bio on some of the OLDER B.o.B POSTS. His album is very pop sounding but the rap on some of his mixtures is CRAZY.
About Song: This song is a track off of his debut album “B.o.B presents the Adventures of Bobby Ray”. The song is slower and not hardcore Hip Hop by any means but the rap is nice and Jannele Monae appeals to a wide audience. Other features on the album include Lupe Fiasco, the singer from Weezer, Eminem and the lead singer from Paramore (sp?).
Favorite Verse “Well, since I was planted at birth I abandoned my old planet and I landed on Eatrth, as a kid I never ud understoof what I observed some of it was strange but most of it disturbin…” (0:40-1:22)
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