B.o.B – Service With A Smile

November 12th, 2010

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Summary: Ain’t new but whatever.
About Artist: B.o.B (aka Bobby Ray) now needs no introduction but before he was world famous he was makin some of my favorite songs. While he’s famous now in the Pop genre he is one of the most diverse artists out there now (aka he can bang as a rapper too) and is definitely in my top 5 current rappers.
About Song: This song is off of BoB’s “Who the Fuck is BoB” mixtape from 2007 or 2008. This is just BoB being BoB funny and creative :P
Favorite Part: Listen to how these lyrics are delivered (it’s awesome)
“Damn girl I’m common over so we can blow an O,
and if you ain’t gon serve then I’m goin home (goodbye),
No I ain’t no monster, I just like some dome (c’mon),
It’s healthy for your jaw bones they’ll be nice and strong.
Let’s skip the chit chat, and lets get back to the room baby,
and feel on my six pack while I dig that in your womb baby,
and now your screaming more back, and more and more and more back,
it’s kinda like a kodak, moment when you throat that (huh)”
Other: Just listen to the lyrics :)   Who doesn’t like good service? :)

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