B.o.B. – Out of My Mind (ft. Nicki Minaj)

March 4th, 2013

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Summary: Sometimes the world is so messed up it makes me feel Out Of My Mind  #EmbraceTheMadness. This is not new but a good song to jumpstart the week.
About Artist: B.o.B. is one of my favorite artists. Not only can he rap but he’s a complete musician.While his career has taken a sharp turn toward pop music I’m still a big Bobby Ray fan. Check out other B.o.B songs from gregshiphop (there’s a lot of them).  Nicki Minaj came from her hip hop roots to be one of today’s giant pop starts.
About Song: This song isn’t new. It is a track off of B.o.B.’s 2012 sophomore album “Strange Clouds”.
Favorite Part:
I like around 2:22 when B.o.B. is talking ending in “how am I supposed to pronounce this shit” right before the beat drops.
And the beat is just awesome!
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