B.o.B – I Don’t Know Y’all

April 14th, 2010


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About Artist: B.o.B (aka Bobby Ray) is a 21 year old Rapper/Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Intrumentalist out of ATL. Check out more BoB songs on gregshiphop.com. He has a ton of talent and while gained a loyal online following over the past few years with mixtapes like Who the Fuck is BoB, May 25th but has recently blown up mainstream with his single “Nothing On You” (Official Video). That single has already gone platinum with 1.2 million sold. His debut album “B.o.B presents the Adventure of Bobby Ray” comes out April 27th so get excited. I’m sure this will be only one of many B.o.B songs that will be up on gregshiphop.com in the next few weeks.
About Song: UNLIKE WHAT I SAID ABOUT BOB above this track is a very NOT mainstream song. This, I would consider, is a diss track to Drake and other rappers over Drake’s own beat from Over (video here.This song just shows B.o.B harder edge which will sure be in short supply in his sure to be big time radio album “B.o.B. Present the Adventures of Bobby Ray” due out April 27th.
Favorite Verse: 0:43- 1:22(This song is only a short freestyle so this is pretty much it)
Other: BoB has something for everyone. If this isn’t your kind of song don’t write Bobby Ray off cause he has songs in every genre.
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