B.o.B – Fame

January 29th, 2011

Summary: This song really pumps me up. The horns, the rap ahhh, heaven.
About Artist: I’ve posted B.o.B (Bobby Ray) probably more than any other artist at this point so just look here if you want to reader a better bio from other posts.
About Song:This song is one of my favorites off of B.o.B’s debut album B.o.B presents the Adventure of Bobby Ray. It was produced by a duo that goes by the name The Knux, who I’ve since really gotten into (check them out). The Knux samples a version of Summertime from the forgetable movie Stuck On You (which I never saw). I have to saw I was born the like this song. The genre of the track with it’s horns, guitar, syncopated beats, I mean I would die to get the official instrumental version. Not only that but B.o.B has some great verses over it. The verses are nothing crazzzy lyrically but it’s solid and works so well rhythmically with background.
Favorite Part: First I LOVE the track’s instruments and rythem, absolutely love it (that’s why I included the video of the sample below)

“And I’m sayin I really ain’t with that complaining
Just look at the picture I’m painting
Yeah I paid my rent, vacationing, take trips all around be equator then,
Come back to the A hit the stage again,
Then I go up in the booth where they cage me in,
Feel regular but then I go insane again,
If you witness the condition that my brain is in,
You would see I’m in hell where Satan is…” (1:02)

The Chorus where B.o.B says “that, that that, that” like at 1:44

Popular, everybody wanna be popular
Little kids just be watching us through binoculars and then they go to school and copy us,
But, hey I’m not knocking ya but how can yall not see? its obvious cuz cops just be plottin on us and poparazzi be spottin us,
Cuz everybody just wanna be on MTV or BET
Or maybe season MVP
Or maybe even just prom king or queen
But everybody can’t be a G. O to the D
And everybody can’t be O. to the B.
But I don’t know, maybe this just how its supposed to be” (1:48)

I especially love the part at 1:12 where he says everybody can’t be a G (and then spells GOD) to add a double meaning and then says everybody can’t be “o to the b” when he’s really saying everybody can’t B.o.B.
Talib Kweli Wikipedia
The Knux Wikipedia

Check out where B.o.B and The Knux found the sample. I never saw the movie but apparently it’s from a rendition of summertime off of the movie Stuck On You (which I never saw)