B.o.B – Don’t Feel So Good (prod. by B.o.B)

February 17th, 2010

BoB-DontFeelSoGoodprodbyBoB.mp3 (to download right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: BoB (aka Bobby Ray) is the man. From ATL and signed with TI’s fools gold, his debut album “Adventures of Bobby Ray” due out on April 27th is gonna be HUGE. Bobby Ray is a versatile Rapper/Musician who blurs genre lines and is a musical genius. I love his style and I think everyone should listen to Bobby Ray cause he makes songs for everyone. I would recommend giving his mixtape “BoB vs Bobby Ray” a listen
About Song: This song is my favorite song from Bob’s recent mixtape “May 25th”. Its very slow and chill (not very Hip Hop) but this song really strikes me.
Favorite Line: “I just get this feelin, because the system is a cage, like the prison gaates.. and if you don’t feel it, then how come independence day, is just a holidaay”
Other: TONIGHT FEB 18th @ 8pm EST at bobatl.com FREE B.o.B CONCERT via LIVE WEBCAST!
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