B.o.B – Beast Mode

December 8th, 2010

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Summary: “Single” from B.o.B’s brand new Mixtape “No Genre”
About Artist: B.o.B (aka Bobby Ray) now needs no introduction but before he was world famous he was makin some of my favorite songs. While he’s famous now in the Pop genre he is one of the most diverse artists out there now (aka he can bang as a rapper too) and is definitely in my top 5 current rappers.
About Song: This song shows B.o.B’s lyrical side especially in the face of haters that say he’s gone all Pop.
Favorite Part: There are so many good parts but my favorite might be
“Some-times-I-rhyme-like-I’m-inside-Einsteins-mind” (1:35)
“I’m kinda like a blur with these words, guess im just reserved with these verbs
Running at a hundred kilometers
man Pretty soon I’mma leave Earth” (2:01)
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