2 Hungry Bros – Can’t Be That Stupid (ft. Substantial)

February 15th, 2010

2HungryBros-CantBeThatStupidftSubstantial.mp3 (to download right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: I have no idea who these guys are this is just a random track that I found on a blog that apparently was just released last week
About Song: This I love this song 1) cause of the tempo/energy and instrumentation on the track but 2) the LYRICS ARE CRAZY!
Favorite Line: “buckelĀ  up shut it up and coast. glasses up, and toast” (0:43) I like the rythem on that
“…fast food for thought call it meals on wheels” (0:55)
Other: Finally a new song on gregshiphop.com (like a song that is actually new). Something new that I know you’ve never heard. Upbeat for you’re monday, and crazy lyrics for your brain. NOTE: It sounds like the song samples Christina Aguilera “Ain’t No Other Man”2 Hungry Bros MySpace

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  1. Peace Greg, I am glad you dig this. Sorry you haven’t heard of us before, but I guess that’s my fault. Check out http://cdbaby.com/2hungrybros for that fresh new sound and more original songs with the Incredible artist known as SUNSTANTIAL as well as C RAYZ WALZ HOMEBOy SANDMAN and other fun names in independent Hip Hop. Also this track is off our second rare groove x dope mcees mixtape. Our Other one was called MY CREW’s ALL THINNER. It’s MCEES over the actual song, uncut and unsampled.. thats actually SUBSTANTIAL over DAVE CORTEZ…. we have a vast record collection and use it to make beats but since mixtapes tend to be free we give people the raw unchopped groove…. Its easier and funkier at times but way harder to find something for an mcee to rap all the way through. Glad you took interest and thanks for spreading the word.

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