1982 – Money Is Reality

February 21st, 2011

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Summary: Some Chill Monday Rap. For Classic Hip Hop Lovers only.
About Artist: 1982 is a two man MC Rapper duo out of the Boston area. The MC, Statik Selektah, has worked mainly on radio stations throughout his career and has the classic turntable sound I love exemplified by DJ Premier and Funkmaster Flex. Statik Selektah really brings the sound and vibe to the group, which is the main reason I like them, so I’d say he’s what really makes the group special. The rapper, Termanology, also from the Boston area, looked like he would take off in 2005 when The Source featured him as an unsigned MC; he never really took off but he’s got more than enough talent to hold his own in the game.
About Song: This song is off of 1982’s recent EP the Evening News. This song features Action Bronson though I’ve never heard of him. I like this song because it mixes a laid back jazz sound with a traditional gritty city rap sound.
Favorite Part:
I really like the classic hip hop feel. The best verse is probably the first 0:42-1:30 but the second verse does have some real good flow.
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