Apathy – Doe Raker Check

August 13th, 2009


Apathy – Doe Raker Check.mp3 (right click and “save link as”)
About Artist: Apathy is a rapper out of Connecticut who after one album with Connecticut left the label after being shelved for several years
About Song: This song is one off of his only album Eastern Philosophy and features Motive, Big Hoot, and Emilio Lopez.
Favorite Verse:1st verse (0:06) but the firs’t verse is really good
Favorite Line: “I’m a bastard that will master ways to massacre the masses,
like a massive meteor that smashes cities into ashes,
ya i bash this little faggots till you face is facin backwards
waitin for you I’m takin you to quiet places in the back woods
where a hoes already thug and slug is waiting very patiently
to travel through the chamber and will bang em very gracefully
and dance through your cranium, tangle with your brain stem, saw sir with you cerebellum , quickly re-arrange them
exit through your ear holes firing projectiles
my bullets are accumulating frequent flyer miles.” (0:06)
Other: WOW that first verse is the shiiiit.
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  1. theXXXplorer says:

    yeah agreed def one of my fave rap styles… alliteration, rhyme and the usage of long vowel sounds! second verse has same idea! SO SICK! ¨yo if you heard of doe raker then you already know i roll with a click that persists and flips that dough so while you at school playing that tic tac to i was with your lil sis tryin to hide how to hit that hoe, let me talk to all these niggas wanna get at mo´no warning your peeps want it cause they miss you so, a clown nigga way down like six feet low you thought it was just a game when we spit that flow, NO, not on a throne yet, but im a known threat…¨1.40)

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