Tuge – Smoke Service

March 18th, 2011

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Summary: Who’s is Tuge? A great rapper, that’s who.
About Artist: I have not who Tuge is but the few songs he’s dropped I’ve really really liked. From what I’ve been able to find Tuge just started putting music out and his debut mixtape project will be coming soon and be called The Scrimmage, that’s all I know.
About Song: This song, like the several other Tuge songs I’ve heard and liked, has that kinda of money music, millionaire gangsta sound (which make sense since this beat is from Rick Ross’s I’m Not A Star) but instead of stupid Young Money, Maybach Music, lyrics Tuge can actually rap, and rap well.
Favorite Part:
I like the whole song but I espeically like when Tuge goes off at 2:28

This is just another example of how the current Charlie Sheen phenomena is taking over pop culture.

Hard Hip Hop, Lyrical,