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Wale – Ocean Drive (ft. Magazeen, Tre, Black Cobain)

August 15th, 2011

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Summary: Wale on some Magazeen island beat.
About Artist: Wale is a DC rapper who gearing up for the release of his sophmore album after his first album flopped due to drama with his old label. While many people are up in arms about Wale selling out to Maybach Music Group (Rick Ross’s posse), Wale’s next album Ambition has been billed as a return to Wale’s original style. The album is due out 11/1/11 and a mixtape prior to the album has been promised. Don’t know much about Magazeen (he sings the hook) except that he is an up and commer trying to break through. Tre is the lead singer of UCB (Wale’s original go-go backup band). I am a big fan of UCB’s sound and hoped for a while that the Go-Go sound would catch on nationally. Finally Black Cobain is another DC rapper (whom I really like) with much of the same rhyme style as Wale.
About Song: This song is just a random track that may appear on Wale’s ElevenOneEleven mixtape which will promote the realease date of Wale’s next album Ambition.
Favorite Part:
None really, I just like the track.
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Wale – Jump (freestyle)

March 17th, 2011

DOWNLOAD MP3 Wale-JumpFreestyle.mp3
Summary:Finally some new old school Wale!
About Artist: Wale is a DC rapper representing the DMV (DC Maryland Virginia). Wale was a super popular underground rapper who many, including myself, thought would be huge. However his record label did a poor job releasing his debut album Attention Deficit and put pressure on Wale for his single to be Chillin featuring Lady Gaga who at the time hadn’t reached the level of fame she has since attained. After this disappointing release Wale withdrew from the scene a bit but cam back to release a super high quality mixtape More About Nothing. This tape gave the fans renewed hope about Wale’s potential until Wale went and signed with Maybach music, the money music group headed by the boss clown Rick Ross. I fcking hate that Wale chose to go that route especially since Wale has a really message in his music contrasted with Rick Ross’ money music message.
About Song: This song isn’t part of any project, as far as a I know, but just dropped yesterday. The song obviously is a freestyle over the 1992 Kris Kross hit Jump. Click here to watch that throwback video
Favorite Part:
Finally we get a track with Wale’s fun upbeat flow. Of course I love the original track, and coupled with Wale’s rhymes make it all the better.
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