Rocky Rivera – La Madrina (Ballad Of Griselda Blanco)

March 23rd, 2011

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Summary: Power to Women.
About Artist: I found a short bio of Rocky on facebook which I think lets you know what she’s about pretty well.
Rocky Rivera is a Hip-Hop journalist by day, MC by night, who found international acclaim by winning a Contributing Editor position on MTV’s docu-series “I’m From Rolling Stone” in 2007. After lacking inspiration in the literary world, she decided to finally pursue Hip-Hop as a participant, not only as an observer, and began to fill the void with thought-provoking music that you can dance to. (Think Lauryn Hill meets Public Enemy with West Coast beats) A dynamic perfomer who’s shared the stage with artists such as Zion-I, Blue Scholars, and Pacific Division, her all-lady crew consisting of DJ Roza and emcee Irie Eyez display a daringly different side of Hip Hop you have to experience to believe. Noted music critic Jeff Chang, author of Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Generation writes “My whole career has been about getting people to hear the stories that need to be heard, and I think her story really needs to be heard

I gotta say, I love what she’s about and can’t wait for her upcoming Pop Killer Mixtape!
About Song: This song takes the beach side sound of steel drums and puts a dark twist on it to talk about the real life Miami drug lord Griselda Blanco.
Favorite Part:
First, I love the steel drums, I love Rocky, I think is song is just a peak of more to come!
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