K’naan – More Beautiful Than Silence

March 14th, 2012

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Summary: A softer song that anyone can enjoy. This is some international hip-hop as K’naan is a Somali-Canadian. I really like the musical elements in this song and fits K’naan’s style real well.
About Artist: K’naan comes from Somalia and after his song Wavin Flag became the official song of the 2010 World Cup we quickly became the most famous Somali artist. His fusion Hip-Hop is something a little different than what we normally got up here, a little more pop but you can’t deny this is a good song.
About Song: This is the title track off of K’naan’s Jan 31st EP More Beautiful Than Silence. The EP only has 5 songs, all pretty different from another, this one being my favorite.
Favorite Part: The track on this is just great got an awesome beat and some beautiful piano. Below is just the first part of the 1st verse.
“Ok, ain’t it funny how the talkers always talking?
Never firing, but always say they cocking
And they’re cocky until they end in parking lots
Suddenly they got Parkinson’s, they can hardly talk
No karate buddy, no pilates buddy
It’s a new game, no Atari buddy
Body chalk, well I’m used to bodies chopped
I’ve seen shit to give new meaning to the body shop”

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