Kero One – When The Sunshine Comes (ft. Ben Westbeech)

January 31st, 2015


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Summary: Sounds like John Mayer meet Korea.
About Artist: Kero One is a Korean American rapper/producer based in the bay area. Since 2006 Kero One has been quite successful overseas and has gained recognition in the states as well. I’m a big fan and he has lots and lots of good songs and good albums. The Korean alternative hip hop group Epik High is also involved in this song (on some of the verse I guess). The sweet vocals are courtesy of UK instrumentalist/DJ/vocalist Ben West Beech
About Song: This song is off of Kero One’s 4th album Early Believers (2009). I don’t really know what the song’s about but there is an english version here (not sure if the lyrics are the same).
Favorite Part: I really like the vocals in the chorus but also love the Korean rap. I like the hard consonants and the diction.
Kero One Wikipedia
Kero One Wikipedia
Kero One Wikipedia

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