Johnson & Jonson – Listen Baby

March 9th, 2011

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Summary: Just a quick and fun instrumental track
About Artist: Johnson and Jonson is made up of Johnson Barnes (better known as Blu) and a DJ named Mainstream who’s last name i Jonson. Blu is famous for his breakout debut album Below the Heavens. This duo isn’t at all well known but the production quality from Mainstream is so good and Blu can rhyme as good as anyone.
About Song: This song is off of this mixtape called “Powders and Oils” the tape is really laid back and is very musical (which of course I always like). This song is just one of a couple instrumentals that I really like. I’ve been stocking up some really good instrumentals, and while I don’t usually post them here, I thought I’d start putting a few up.
Favorite Part:
This is just a quick instrumental that I like, not much to it.

Johnson & Jonson – Hold On John on
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Good Production, Instrumental,