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Amerigo Gazaway – Inner City Travellin Man

February 27th, 2014

YasiinGaye-InnerCityTravellinManYasiinGaye-InnerCityTravellinManAudio Player
DOWNLOAD MP3 YasiinGaye-InnerCityTravellinMan.mp3
Summary: A Masterful Mix
About Artist: This mix is only one track off of a tape by Amerigo Gazaway called “Yasiin Gaye: The Departure”. Amerigo is a producer who who has done some truly awesome projects, one which is a Tribe Called Quest vs Pharcyde album and one that is full of Fela Kuti remixes. This Yasiin Gaye project has been taken down by the RIAA which is complete fucking bullshit.
About Song: This was a single from the project but you should definitely check out the rest of the album. Oh wait, you won’t be able to download the free album because the RIAA sent a cease and desist letter and threatened to sue.

These are the samples that I’ve found in this track so far…

Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine
DJ Honda – Travellin’ Man (Remix)
Yasiin Bey – I’m Leaving Lyrics
Marvin Gaye – You Can Leave, But It’s Going To Cost You
Favorite Part:
The whole mix just flows so well.

Amerigo Gazaway
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Marvin Gaye Wikipedia

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Wale – LoveHate Thing (Featuring Sam Dew) #Summer2013

October 7th, 2013

Wale-LoveHateThingWale-LoveHateThing Audio Player
DOWNLOAD MP3Wale-LoveHateThing.mp3
Summary: #Summer2013 is a recap of the songs that made the summer of 2013 one of the best ever. My favorite song off of this album was Gullible (ft. Cee Lo)
About Artist: Wale is another artist that I’ve like from way back. This album the Gifted wasn’t 10/10 but it definetly didn’t dissapoint and was nice change from his Rick Ross MMG type songs that he’d been doing. My favorite song off of this album was Gullible (ft. Cee Lo)
About Song: This was one of the singles off of the Gifted though I gotta say Gullible (ft. Cee Lo) was my favorite.

Favorite Part: 

I love the beat on this song. It’s just a good song to blast out your car.

Wale Wikipedia

Me near the front watching Wale in NYC this summer.

Me near the front watching Wale in NYC this summer.


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Wale – Gullible (ft. Cee Lo)

July 3rd, 2013

Wale-GullibleftCeeLoWale-GullibleftCeeLo Audio Player
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Summary: A laid back jazzy Waletrack.
About Artist: Wale is a DC area rapper and has been one of my favorite rappers that I’ve followed over the years. Cee-Lo Green now needs no introduction but has been in the game for years first as a part of Goodie Mob and then as the duo Gnarls Barkley.
About Song: This song comes off of Wale’s recently released third album “The Gifted”. The Gifted is a prettys solid album from top to bottom and is something I’ve been putting on in the background while I work. This probably won’t be the last song from the album that I post here.
Favorite Part: The trumpets and band in the back brings a really nice sound but it’s the message that Wale brings to the song that I like.
In the beginning he raps about technology and government surveillance, as well as mass marketing…
“What if they told you this music was bogus?
The government run it, they controllin’ the culture
Would you believe that? If you read that?
What if they told you the iPhone was tapped?
They see all of your browsin’ and know you via your apps
And Twitter and Instagram is really like middle men
And internet soldiers, everybody was carrying Macs” (0:19-0:36)
I like Cee Lo in the chorus but again it’s music married with the content of the lyrics that I like. For example in the smooth bridge…
“TV killed the radio
And then the internet slit the television throat” (1:56)

Wale Wikipedia
Cee Lo Wikipedia
Gullible Lyrics (via RapGenius)

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Talib Kweli – Come Here (ft. Miguel)(prod by Sean C & LV)

June 19th, 2013

TalibKweli-ComeHereftMiguelTalibKweli-ComeHereftMiguel Audio Player
DOWNLOAD MP3 TalibKweli-ComeHereftMiguel.mp3
Summary: This song is so suave. It makes me smile big and brings out my inner hopeless romantic.
About Artist: Talib Kweli is a critically acclaimed rapper who’s been around the block. He makes up half of Blackstar along with Mos Def, and is a hip hop legend in his own right. Miguel is the red hot R&B singer who’s been on so many amazing tracks recently (more to come on the blog). Sean C & LV are a production duo from New York affiliated with Diddy.
About Song: This song is the third single off of Talib Kweli’s 5th studio album Prisoner of Conscious which was release in May 2013. The song to me sounds like it samples Marvin Gaye’s Mercy Mercy Me.
Favorite Part: I love the chorus of this song. Miguel sounds soooo good, and the hook just gets stuck in your head. Talib Kweli adds his own real talk rapping to this love song which makes it a truly complete song. This song spoke to me the moment I heard it for the first time.

Talib Kweli Wikipedia
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Come Here Lyrics (via RapGenius)

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Tony Williams – Another You (remix) (ft. King Chip, Freddie Gibbs, Kanye West) (prod. by Bink!)

May 2nd, 2013

DOWNLOAD MP3 TonyWilliams-AnotherYouRemixftKingChipFreddieGibbsKanyeWest.mp3
Summary: Quality Slow Jam.
About Artist: The World Famous Tony Williams is an R&B singer songwriter from the midwest. He first made it big recording vocals for songs on Kanye West’s debut album College Dropout (2004) including I’ll Fly Away, and Spaceship. He’s since contributed to songs on each of Kanye’s subsequent albums though is never listed as a featured artist even on songs where he is prominently featured like Roses. Listening to Tony Williams’ material you can see how much of an impact he had on the sound of Kanye West’s early albums. On Tony Williams mixtape Finding Dakota Grey (2010) is one of my favorite mixtape projects of all time. One of the songs from that tape was on gregshiphop back in 2010 here (Tony Williams – Nightmares). King Chip, formerly Chip tha Ripper, is a favorite artist of mine from Cleveland Ohio. Chip has yet to break through into the big time but he has his own style and plenty of talent. Here are 6 Chip songs that have been on gregshiphop before. I don’t know too much about Freddie Gibbs butI know he has quite a following and has been around for years now. His style is a little more the gangsta but he too is not without rapping talent. Kanye West is Kanye West. This song was producted by Bink! who produced songs on the Jay-Z’s original Blueprint, and did Kanye West’s Devil In A New Dress.
About Song: This song is originally off of Tony Williams debut album King or the Fool (2012). This remix adds verses by King Chip and Freddie Gibbs.

Favorite Part: I like the whole slow jam vibe that Tony Williams brings to the song but there are also a couple parts in particular I also really lik.

King Chip’s first verse sounds so smooth (0:40) and his second verse (2:50) is just as good.

I like the musical piano breakdown at 3:50.

And then Kanye just comes in at the end with his old school care free style.

The World Famous Tony Williams Wikipedia
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Another You (remix) Lyrics via RapGenius

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Miguel – How Many Drinks? (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

April 25th, 2013

DOWNLOAD MP3 Miguel-HowManyDrinksRemixftKendrickLamar.mp3
Summary: Sometimes I just want to be romantic. (Note: getting a woman drunk at the bar so you can take her home isn’t actually romantic)
About Artist: Miguel is an R&B singer from LA. While he’s been around since 2007 he’s only recently gained noteriety. He’s done a couple track wile Wale and J. Cole that I also really like. Kendrick Lamar is a staple on this blog so you probably already know all about the Compton native.
About Song: This song is the third single off of Miguel’s second and highly acclaimed album Kaleidoscope Dream. 

Favorite Part:
Miguel’s voice just makes me melt. He even makes getting girls drunk at the bar sound romantic. Kendrick’s verse is just icing on the cake.

I like in chorus when Miguel sings “back of mind I’m hoping you say 2 or 3”

The music video below is kinda cool too

Miguel Wikipedia
Kendrick Lamar Wikipedia

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Jared Evan – Pro Create (ft. Action Bronson)

March 22nd, 2013

DOWNLOAD MP3 JaredEvan-ProCreateftActionBronson.mp3
Summary: A little friday afternoon slow jam about love and sensuality. Lets make some music.
About Artist: (copied from a previous post I don’t know much about Jared Evan. I’d never heard of him before but apparently he’s a singer/songwriter from New York. Apparently his debut EP The 4th Chapter came out in 2012 and is definitely something I’m gonna go check out. You can read Jared Evan’s Wikipedia article here for more info. Lil Fame is half of the longtime famed hip hop duo M.O.P. who have been making music since the mid 90s. Statik Selektah is one of my favorite producers. The musicality and vibe he brings to his music really matches my taste and I always try to check out projects he’s been involved in. Check out more Statik Selektah from gregshiphop (mainly from this EP 1982 that I was obsessed with for a bit).
About Song:  This song was one of the singles from the just released collaboration album between Statik Selektah and Jared Evan titled Boom Bap & Blues.
Favorite Part:
I really like the chorus, especially at the little breakdown parts like
“We could put it all on tape, right here
Why don’t we just procreate, what we hear”
(at 0:52)

I also really like the second verse starting with
“put the plug in the socket,
you know I’m gonna rock it,
lets level out this EQ…”

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