Joey Bada$$ – Paper Trail$

February 3rd, 2015


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Summary: Some real hip hop for the hip hop heads.
About Artist: Joey Bada$$ is a young (20 years old) from Brooklyn. Joey’s released several critically acclaimed mixtapes and just dropped his debut album “B4.DA.$$” (2015). This song is also produced by longtime veteran, the one and only, DJ Premier.

About Song: This song samples an older Joey Bada$$ song “Unorthodox”, which DJ Premier also produced. This song is one song of off his debut album B4.DA.$$. While the album didn’t get crazy good reveiws, I really really really like the album as a whole and I know lots of other hip hop heads that do to. The album is a great blend of the new younger generation of hip hop with that classic boom bap of the golden era.
Favorite Part: I like how this song sounds like an old classic (lots of references to C.R.E.A.M.). More than this song though I just had to put up a track from his album B4.DA.$$ because it’s such a good coherent project.
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