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DJ Green Lantern – Impeach the President (ft. Dead Prez, Saigon, Immortal Technique & Just Blaze)

February 16th, 2015


DOWNLOAD MP3 DJGreenLantern-ImpeachThePresident.mp3
Summary: Happy President’s Day

About Artist: DJ Green Lantern has been doin mixtapes for years. Dead Prez is a socially conscious duo who’s been doin their thing since the mid 90s. Immortal Technique is a rapper known for his revolutionary lyrics, who’s been holding down his corner of the hip hop world since the late 90s. Saigon is a rapper signed with producer Just Blaze. I know Saigon raps about his time in prison but I don’t think he’s into social justice rap as much as Dead Prez and Immortal Technique

About Song: This song is something I used to bump back in 2007 about George Bush. Even in the era of Obama this song still seems relevant. The USA is still the USA. This song samples DJ Jazzy Jeff’s He’s the DJ I’m the Rapper.

Favorite Part: I loved hating on Bush. Hating on Obama just isn’t as fun.

DJ Green Lantern
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Childish Gambino – Southern Hospitality / Partna Dem

February 7th, 2015


DOWNLOAD MP3 ChildishGambino-SouthernHospitalityPartnaDem.mp3
Summary: Dirty South Reborn
About Artist: Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, is a multitalented dude, writing for 30 Rock, acting on Community, and rapping as Childish Gambino.
About Song: This song is off Gambino’s 2014 “S T N M T N”. STN MTN is a DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz mixtape, which is a famous series of mixtapes that the legendary DJ Drama has made. The whole mixtape is about Gambino’s upbringing in Georgia. This is the opening track from that tape (but I cut the intro out of this track). This track is one of several medley tracks that pay homeage to souther rap. The first part of this song is over Ludacris’s Souther Hospitality, the second part of the song is over Rich Kid’s and Young Dro’s My Partna Dem.
Favorite Part: I love Gambino, who has a strong emo rapping side, can get down on some dirty beatz.

The second coming / jesus line at 2:58 is pretty good lol.

I also like the references to other southern artists and songs.
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Kendrick Lamar – Sing About Me (Cover Song by Greg)

January 24th, 2015

KendrickLamar-SingAboutMeCoverByGregKendrickLamar-SingAboutMeCoverByGregAudio Player
DOWNLOAD MP3 KendrickLamar-SingAboutMeCoverByGreg.mp3
Summary: This is not part of the regular blog series… just a shitty cover I did in one take.

This song is a quick first take cover I made of Kendrick Lamar’s masterful “Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst” (produced by Like of Pac Div).

I originally just wanted to save this song to my Soundcloud account but when I tried to save it I got the following message….

“Our automatic content protection system has detected that your track, “———- ——“, may contain copyright protected content and we’ve blocked it from being published on your profile.”

It feels shitty to be told a small piece of art that you made with love, in appreciation of a great song, is illegal and shall be blocked. Fuck You Soundcloud. How can you supress culture like that?

Lucky for me I pay for my own web host and, at least for now, that web host will still let me host this mp3.

Favorite Part: You have listen to the original song (I don’t do it any justice). The gunshots at the end of the first verse is one of the most power pieces of music that I know.

Other: Original album art by greg ; )

Mick Jenkins – Jazz

January 17th, 2015

MickJenkins-JazzMickJenkins-JazzAudio Player
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Summary: mmmm

About Artist: Mick Jenkins is a young 23 year old rapper from Chicago. He released his first mixtape in 2012 and is just now gaining a wider audience after his 2014 mixtape The Water[s]

About Song: This is a song from Mick Jenkins’ 2014 mixtape The Water[s]. It’s a really great mixtape with track 14 Martyrs being the most famous. The sample for the beat actually comes from a cover of Toxic by Britney Spears.

Favorite Part: I like how slow and jazzy the track is while Mick Jenkins goes in real hard. He really paints a picture with his lyrics that goes great with the music.

Mick Jenkins Wikipedia

J. Cole – Get Free ColeWorld (ft. Major Lazer)

August 18th, 2014

JCole-GetFreeColeWorldftMajorLazerJCole-GetFreeColeWorldftMajorLazerAudio Player
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Summary: Too real. I just want to get free.
About Artist:
J Cole is a younger-ish rapper who has a diehard following and has been very well established ever since he signed with Jay-Z and released his blockbuster debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story in 2011. He is known for his lyrical ability and the way he weaves stories and scenes with his words. Major Lazer is a DJ goup anchored by the one and only Diplo

About Song: This song is just single that dropped in 2012. I recently saw a friend post it online and gave it another listen. It feels as real as it ever felt. Too much truth in this track : (

Favorite Part:
Major Lazer does an awesome job on the track, I really love the hook. The track is really really great… but the best part is J. Cole’s lyrics. The truth in his words are so powerful.

J Cole Wikipedia
Major Lazer
Get Free ColeWorld Lyrics (via RapGenius)

Tupac Shakur – Dear Mama (J Period Remix)

June 28th, 2014

Tupac-DearMamaJPeriodRemixTupac-DearMamaJPeriodRemixAudio Player
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Summary:  Tupac reworked by the master J Period.

About Artist: J Period is a master producer who has done some of my favorite projects including The Messengers, that Abstract Q-Tip classic, and just recently The Legacy of James Brown.

About Song: This song is off of a yet to be released project “Holler is You Hear Me Remixed” which will be a mixtape inspired by the upcoming Broadway musical about Tupac called Holler If You Hear Me (really not sure how I feel about that :/). This song take Tupac’s 1995 Dear Mama and blends it with Sting’s “Shape of My Heart” (also used in Nas’ “The Message” from ‘It Was Written”)

Favorite Part:
Tuac’s lyrics are timeless and the tone of this music really fits with this one.

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Phil Adé – Happy (Royal Fam Remix)

June 28th, 2014

PhilAde-HappyRoyalFamRemixPhilAde-HappyRoyalFamRemixAudio Player
DOWNLOAD MP3 PhilAde-HappyRoyalFamRemix.mp3
Summary:  Been missin Phil Ade’s flow. (Old song I know)
About Artist: Phil Ade is a DC rapper who I really got into into 2010.
About Song: This song should have been posted months ago. Not much to say about it but it’s a great flow on a catchy pharrell track. Try to enjoy like you haven’t heard the original a million times

Favorite Part:
Phil Ade’s flow just keeps. on. going.

Phil Ade
Pharrell Wikipedia