Daft Punk – Computerized (ft. Jay-Z) (prod. by Kanye West)

April 1st, 2014

DaftPunk-ComputerizedftJayZprodbyKanyeWestDaftPunk-ComputerizedftJayZprodbyKanyeWestAudio Player
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Summary: A great daft punk song with some lame Jay-Z verses.

About Artist: Daft Punk, Jay-Z, Kanye West. I’m not even gonna say anymore except, remember when Kanye & Daft Punk did that Stronger song? that was cray.

About Song: This is just some leak I don’t know what project it may be on.

Favorite Part:
The ‘computerized’ part is awesome. I love remixing this song on my turntables. Jay-Z literally adds nothing good to this song imo.

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Lupe Fiasco – THOT 97

March 10th, 2014

LupeFiasco-Thot97LupeFiasco-Thot97Audio Player
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Summary: Lupe is baaack! …and yes he can still rap.
About Artist: People may think Lupe has fallen off but I beg to differ. After his 2013 track SLR 2 which I posted on GregsHipHop last summer I would say Lupe his back from his more experiment electric grunge rock stuff to back to spittin that lyrical fire that he is so famous for. Lupe Fiasco is a old timer in the game by now and is respected as a lyrical genius with classic albums Food and Liquor and The Cool under his belt.
About Song: This title of the song is a play on the New York radio station Hot 97. It is part of a recent slew of track’s that Lupe has release online with the hashtag #Drogas. This is my favorite one of that batch so far.

Favorite Part:
Just check out the lyrics (with their meaning) here on RapGenius

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Sango – Baile Somebody

March 10th, 2014

Sango-BaileSomebodySango-BaileSomebodyAudio Player
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Summary: A chill little instrumental mix
About Artist: I really don’t know anything about this guy. I’m pretty sure he live in the US but he must have some kind of Brazilian background.
About Song: This song is from a project that you can download for $1  here call Da Rocinha 2. Rocinha is a favela in Rio which is reflected in the album art. This track is a remix of Aaliyah’s Are You That Somebody, among other things.

Favorite Part:
Just a really creative mix that I like

Sango’s Bandcamp Page

T-Pain – Up Down (ft. B.o.B) (prod. by DJ Mustard)

March 10th, 2014

TPain-UpDownftBoBTPain-UpDownftBoBAudio Player
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Summary: I know it was a radio hit but… I loves it!
About Artist: T-Pain is the autotune king of Buy U a Drank amoung other hits. B.o.B is one of my top favorites in the game right now. If you search this blog you’ll find a lot of B.o.B (songs that are way better than this one). If you want another T-Pain/B.o.B collaboration that didn’t get playtime back in 2010 go Google “T-Pain Trunk Band” (do it!)
About Song: This song was from the summer of 2013 and was the single off of T-Pain’s album. I know it was overplayed on radio and everything but I just really like bumpin this song. Strangely I don’t think B.o.B brought a lot to this track even though I’m a much bigger fan of his than T-Pain.

Behind the scenes, this track was produced by DJ Mustard, a name many aren’t familiar with but was the guy responsible for big hits like Tyga – Rack City, 2 Chainz – I’m different,  B.o.B – Headband, Tyga – Throw it Up, YG – My Nigga, Kid Ink – Show Me,  Ty Dolla Sign – Paranoid,  and the recent Who Do You Love (a remix of which I recently posted here). If you don’t know those songs look them up because I’m sure you’ve heard them.

Favorite Part:
I just Love the chorus! “I  ain’t even know it – EVEN KNOW IT! even know it – KNOW IT ”

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Childish Gambino – The Worst Guys (ft. Chance The Rapper)

March 10th, 2014

ChildishGambino-TheWorstGuysftChanceTheRapperChildishGambino-TheWorstGuysftChanceTheRapperAudio Player
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Summary: A little alternative chill rap.
About Artist:  Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) is a super talented guy. He was a writer for the TV show 30 Rock before acting in Community. His Childish Gambino alter ego does all of his own production and the dude can rap. Chance the Rapper is a young guys  (under 21) from Chicago and has found huge sucess after his 2013 mixtape Acid Rap (which I really really like too).
About Song: This song is off of Gambino’s 2014 album Because The Internet (Gambino is very public and active on Twitter). If you want to appreciate the song fully check out the meaning of the lyrics on Rap Genius Here.

Check out other Childish Gambino song on GregsHipHop

Favorite Part:
I like Childish Gambino’s first first. I also like how the song breaks down into those soaring electric guitars at the end.

The Worst Guys  lyrics via RapGenius
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Pharrell – Know Who You Are (ft. Alicia Keys)

March 6th, 2014

Pharrell-KnowWhoYouAreftAliciaKeysPharrell-KnowWhoYouAreftAliciaKeysAudio Player
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Summary: Pharrell’s new album G I R L was a bit  of a let down but I like this track.
About Artist:  Pharrell Williams is the hip hop producer, suave singer, style trendsetter, super talented musician extrodinaire. Alicia Keyes is a R&B queen (also a talented musician and piano player).
About Song: This song is off of Pharrell’s recently released album G I R L. The album was only 10 tracks and was a bit of a let down but how could it not be with such high expectations. Happy was of course the lead single from the album but along with that and this Alicia Keys track  track I really liked the outro ‘It Girl’ .

Favorite Part:
Though it’s a little repetitive I really like the hook especially when Alicia Keys sings it. It’s easy listening and it makes me feel good.

Pharrell Wikiepedia
Aicia Keys Wikipedia

Trey Songz – Who Do You Love (Remix)

March 3rd, 2014

TreySongz-WhoDoYouLoveRemixTreySongz-WhoDoYouLoveRemixAudio Player
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Summary:  The Trey Songz remix is almost always better than the original ; )
About Artist: Trey Songz is my favorite R&B singer. His flow and lyrical style put him lightyears beyond Chris Brown (and Drake just annoys me)
About Song: This is remix of the recent YG/Drake tack of the same name. PS DJ Mustard (who produced the original beat) is a one a roll with tracks like Headband, Show Me, Up Down, This D,  and Paranoid, and I love what he’s been doing (his first huge hit was Rack City).

Favorite Part:
I dunno I just like the song.

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