Anderson .Paak – The Dreamer (ft. Talib Kweli)

December 27th, 2016


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Summary: Don’t stop now, keep dreaming!
About Artist: Anderson .Paak is a California artist who stays at the cutting edge and had a great 2016 releasing his third album “Malibu” in January 2016.
About Song: This song is the outro track of the album.
Favorite Part: I love the music, the funky baseline, the choir, the whole concept of the song (and of the Malibu album for that matter).
“I’m on my fifth brew and my rent’s due
Sixth and west roof
I can see it all
Hold on to my hand, that’s my little dude
Look at Kenzo, swagging like his paw
One for the occasion and get ya good suit
Fuck your reservation
Bitch, I brought ’em all
Look at where you came from, Californication
Since a little baby skating in boogie boards
And raiding your cookie jar, my radio analog
I wanted them Nike’s
Mama got me Lugz” (0:38)
Love the hook, I’m a product of the tube and the free lunch.
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DJ Khaled – Holy Key (ft. Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Betty Wright)

December 27th, 2016


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Summary: Back to the rap.
About Artist: DJ Khaled had a great year, taking his celebrity to the next level, and releasing a widely acclaimed album “Major Key” (2016).
About Song: This song was the 3rd single from DJ Khaled’s “MajorKey” (2016). This song features a first verse Big Sean, a second verse by Kendrick Lamar, and some awesome vocals by Betty Wright.
Favorite Part: I love the chorus, Betty Wright Kills.
“Niggas over stressing, we under investigation
Every day off to the races, can’t fuck with you if you racist
Beat your ass until you purple
They can’t even tell what your race is
Doctor King meet Dr. Dre
Except this doctor lost all his patience” (1:25)
“So what you look up to?
Fame and fortune, bitches, Porsches
Sources with designer thing
Brand endorsement joining forces with sorcerers signing me
Law enforcement their forces, tortures us with violent speed
Fuck your boss’s employment my joy is to see all you bleed” (3:05)
The outro is also one of the best part with the beat and Betty Wright riding out.
Holy Key Lyrics (via RapGenius)
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TiRon & Ayomari – Politicis as Usual

December 27th, 2016


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Summary: The crazy politics of 2016.
About Artist: I don’t know much about TiRon & Ayomari but I found them on Bandcamp years ago and they’ve been on a couple times in the last 7 years (one of their songs was one of the first 15 songs ever posted).
About Song: This song came out in 2016 and spoke to the dystopian feel the hungover the end of 2016. Watch the music video here
Favorite Part: This song helped me process Trump’s win and keep some perspective on how terrible and corrupt politics and presidents have always been. I like the montage of political speeches that run throughout the background, but I also really love the verses which are both pointed an beautiful.80
“Turn the wheel, turn the wheel
Don’t believe in Somethin real, somethin real
Plug in Sit back & relax Welcome to the trap” (2:21)
Politics As Usual Lyrics (via Bandcamp)

Childish Gambino – The Night Me and Your Mama Met

December 27th, 2016


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Summary: Instrumental break
About Artist: Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) is an amazingly multitalented individual. I’ve been obsessed with him for years and his new TV show Atlanta is now one of my favorites.
About Song: This is an instrumental track of off Childish Gambino’s recent album “Awaken My Love” (2016). This album is so different than any other music he’s put out. While not all of the songs are instrumentals there is little of the rapping that has been the staple of his music output to date. I really really really like “Awaken My Love”.
Favorite Part: I love the vibes of this whole album. It blows me away that Childish Gambino stepped into this new musical space for the first time and made something so compelling. I also love the guitar on this song is by Garry Clark Jr, who I really need to check out more. The guitar on this song sings so beautifully and the song fits perfectly into the album.
Garry Clark Jr (Wikipedia)
Awaken My Love (Wikipedia)

Drake – Summer Sixteen

December 27th, 2016


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Summary: Lookin Lookin for Revenge.
About Artist: Drake is… I don’t even know what to say about Drake. He hasn’t been on since 2009. There are lots of Drake songs I like, and lots that I hate. The other candidate for this post was Hotline Bling (which I love) but since this is a 2016 wrap up I went with Summer Sixteen.
About Song: I was going to put this song up in June but for some reason it just stayed in the unfinished blog post drafts pile. I don’t think that Drake has put out his best stuff as of late, I think some of his recent singles have been kind of annoying. But I really really loved Summer Sixteen and before 2016 comes to an end I wanted to put it up here (even though it came out in January).
Favorite Part: “Tell Obama that my verses are just like the whips that he in They bulletproof” (0:30)
I know this song was famous but I couldn’t let 2016 end without any Drake this year.

Sam Cooke – Chain Gang

December 27th, 2016


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Summary: Not hip hop, but a great song.
About Artist: Sam Cooke is one of the kings of soul. Though he was murdered in 1964 at age 33, he had over thirty top 40 songs in the last seven years of his life. Sam Cooke’s music gave way to the likes of Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, and James Brown.
About Song: I listened to this song growing up but was reminded of it recently when a clipe of it appeared in Donald Glover’s (aka Childish Gambino) “Atlanta” TV show (which is one of my favorites).
Favorite Part: I love Sam Cooke’s vocals (which is why he was such a sensation in his own time). I love music of this era and was a huge motown fan growing up. I’ve also been thinkin a lot about mass incarceration since watching “The 13th” on Netflix.
Sam Cooke Wikipedia

John Legend – Overload (ft. Miguel)

December 26th, 2016


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Summary: A new classic. John Legend and Miguel make me melt.
About Artist: John Legend is singer/songwriter/piano player with a voice of god. He is one of my favorite singers, his voice just melts me. John Legend was first made famous by Kanye West, and had a hit freshmen album in “Get Lifted” (2004). Miguel is another R&B singer who I’m also in love with.
About Song: This song is a track off of John Legend’s 5th album “Darkness and Light” which came out on December 2nd 2016.
Favorite Part: I love how simple the song structure is. I love how sparse the intro is and how the song slowly builds as it progresses. I also am in love with John Legend and Miguel’s harmonies. I’m always a sucker for duets and to me this is one of the best. The song is so subtle and so beautiful.
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